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Historic Treaty – Oyster Pond

May 28, 2023 | 0 comments

In a momentous event, the historic treaty for Oyster Pond Marina was signed yesterday at the French-Dutch border. The signing ceremony, helt in Belle Plaine/Quartier de Orleans. Saw the presence of esteemed dignitaries. Including the French Minister of Interior Gerard Darmanin and Minister of Overseas. Also Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs, and Saint Martin’s President, Louis Mussington. This groundbreaking agreement marks a significant step towards revitalizing the iconic Oyster Pond Marina. It is bringing hope to Saint Martin’s tourism industry. Let’s explore the significance of this treaty and its transformative impact on the future of Saint Martin.

Oyster Pond Border Treaty 26.05.23

Revitalizing a Vital Hub

Oyster Pond Marina, nestled on Saint Martin’s picturesque eastern coast. It has long been a crucial hub for the island’s tourism and local economy. Unfortunately, it suffered extensive damage from past natural disasters, necessitating urgent restoration. With the signing of the treaty, France and Sint Maarten demonstrate their unwavering commitment to collaborate and rebuild the marina. Effectively addressing the challenges it has faced.

A Symbol of Unity and Progress

The signing ceremony symbolizes a remarkable display of unity between France and Sint Maarten. So they unite their efforts to restore and modernize Oyster Pond Marina. This partnership not only signifies their dedication to Saint Martin’s recovery … It also highlights their shared vision for the island’s future prosperity. The border along the road in Cupecoy will shift north in favor of the Dutch. Along Marigot Hill Road the border will shift north in favor of the Dutch. The border along the road in Belle Plaine will shift west in favor of the French. So the the border along the road leading to Oyster Pond will shift north in favor of the Dutch. Oyster Pond will be shared on the principle of equidistance, between the French and the Dutch. If you want more background on the 9 year border negotiations you can read more about it here.

Oyster Pond Sint Maarten

Benefits for Saint Martin

The rebuilt Oyster Pond Marina will bring forth a wave of positive changes for Saint Martin. Once the Marina is rebuild the upgraded facilities and modern amenities will attract a diverse range of vessels, catering to both luxury yachts and charming fishing boats. This transformation will not only boost marine tourism but also create new opportunities for leisure, commerce, and social connections, fostering economic growth for the island. with this in mind, everyone can look ahead …

Looking Ahead

Let us take a moment to celebrate this historic Oyster Pond treaty signing and express our gratitude to the countless individuals and government officials who tirelessly worked to bring this vision to life. Their unwavering support has set Saint Martin on an inspiring trajectory of progress, unity, and a promising future.

Oyster Pond Border Treaty 26.05.23


Above all, the signing of the treaty between France and Sint Maarten at the French-Dutch border marks a significant turning point for Saint Martin and its cherished Oyster Pond Marina. This milestone finally paves the way for the marina’s revitalization, ushering in a new era of progress, vibrancy, and economic prosperity for the entire island. This must be remembered so let us embrace this historic occasion with enthusiasm, eagerly anticipating the transformative impact it will have on the future of Saint Martin.

Oyster Pond Border Treaty 26.05.23
The Border across the Marina


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