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Oyster Pond Saint Martin: What you need to know!

Aug 23, 2022 | 0 comments

Insider tips for your perfect stay in Oyster Pond

If you’re looking to get away from it all and experience life on a small Caribbean island, then Oyster Pond Saint Martin is the perfect place for you.

This unique island in the Caribbean offers visitors a slower pace of life with pristine landscapes and amazing beaches to explore — making Saint Martin an ideal destination for anyone who loves being outdoors and exploring nature. Whether you’re interested in taking in the stunning views or getting active, this island has something for everyone. Here are some ideas on how best to enjoy your time in Oyster Pond Saint Martin / Sint Maarten:

Oyster Pond Sint Maarten
Donkeys in Oyster Pond
Hiking in a natural reserve

Hiking is an excellent way to explore some of the lesser-known parts of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten. The island has several marked trails, allowing you to take in the scenery and wildlife from a new perspective. Some of the most popular trails include the trails from Cay Bay to Little Bay, Fleming Property, Guana Bay, Fort Willem, Grandes Cayes, Point Blanche, Sentry Hill, and West Coast (Kim Sha). If you’re looking for a moderate trail in Oyster Pond try “Babits Point” for Sunrise.

Where to go after the hike

If you love trying local cuisines when you’re visiting new places, then Saint Martin is the place for you. The island has a rich cultural heritage and is home to a wide range of cuisines, including French, Creole, and Dutch. When visiting St. Martin, you can’t go wrong with the seafood, which is some of the freshest in the world. Above all restaurants in Oyster Pond we recommend: – L´Escale – a casual French eatery. Located in a charming house opposite of Captain Oliver´s. Park your car just in front. Charlotte and her team offer a wide selection of homemade breakfast and lunch dishes. The menu varies and includes salads, pastries, and desserts.The atmosphere is lovely and they are wonderful hosts. Charlotte is looking forward to welcome you. For dinner find 5 other restaurants to choose off in this area, for instance an Italian, two French and a Fish restaurant.

Restaurant L´Escale in Oyster Pond
Owner Charlotte has great breakfast and lunch options
Dawn Beach

This precious little lagoon is surrounded by high hills on which luxury properties stand, accessible only by steep roads. On the coast, the breeze from the Atlantic is fresh, the air during night a bit cooler, and life is quaint. From the shore, there is an unobstructed view of the neighboring island of St. Barths, which is only 15 miles away. On days with clear visibility you can even spot St. Kitts in the distance. Dawn Beach is a perfect Caribbean beach with white sand and a protective coral reef. Likewise you will enjoy the views from you beach lounger towards the Atlantic.

Oyster Pond Sint Maarten
Westin Resort & Oyster Bay Beach Resort at Dawn Beach
Explore the island and its culture

If you’re interested in learning more about St. Martin’s rich history, then you can sign up for a guided tour of the historic sites on the island. Some of the most popular tours include visits to the Sint Maarten Museum National Heritage, which showcases the history of the island, the Amuseum Naturalis in French Quarter, and the Artcraftcafe in Philipsburg. Alternatively, if you want to explore the island off road and get to highest point at Pic Paradis, sign up for a guided Quads & Furious Tour . Tim Wagner starts his ATV tour right here in Oyster Pond.

Tim Wagner your professional tour guide at Quads & Furious

Where to stay in Oyster Pond, St. Martin?

If you’re looking for an authentic Caribbean experience, then Oyster Pond is the place for you. The village is surrounded by lush landscapes and offers visitors a true taste of island living. Here is a great places to stay in Oyster Pond: – Villa Serendipity Oyster Pond – This villa offers a wide range of rooms, each with their own unique design. Located on the Dutch Side of the Marina, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of exploring the island. 

For more vacation rentals please contact Sunshine Properties or IRE Vacations Team.

Villa Serendipity Oyster Pond
The border issue

On this small island two countries share the only land border between France and the Dutch Kingdom. This border goes right thru the second largest lagoon on the island. Marina Oyster Pond is much smaller than Simpson Bay Lagoon, but it is in the center of this desirable residential area. Unfortunately, this part of the island was hit hard by Hurricane Irma and although much has been rebuilt, the Marina itself looks still like the day after the storm. The island is desperately waiting for a court ruling from the European Court of Justice on exactly where the border should go through the Marina, in order to get the Marina up and running again.

Oyster Pond Sint Maarten
North of the border is the French Side
The Bottom Line

Saint Martin is a small island that packs a big punch. This stunning destination is ideal for those who love exploring nature and getting outdoors. If you’re looking for an adventure, then St. Martin is the place for you. If you’re looking for a place to escape and relax, then St. Martin is the perfect destination. Whether you’re interested in taking in the stunning views or getting active, St. Martin has something for everyone. To find about your Exclusive Magic of the Caribbean Card discounts please check on the MOTCC App or on our website.

Oyster Pond Sint Maarten
Oyster Pond view from the French Side towards the Dutch Side


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