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SXM Festival 2024

Mar 24, 2024 | 0 comments

A paradise for electronic music lovers

This year’s SXM Festival ended on March 12. We give you a brief summary of the festival itself, the highlights and what you can expect next year at SXM Festival 2025.

For those of you who don’t yet know what we’re talking about, the SXM Festival is more than just a festival – it’s an unforgettable experience that combines music, art, culture and nature. It is irrevocably one of the world’s most famous electronic music festivals, takes place annually on the Caribbean island of St. Martin and usually lasts 5 days.

Poll Party at the Festival

An impressive program every time

You will be offered a broad spectrum of electronic music, from house and techno to hip-hop and trap. Top international DJs and live acts such as LOCO DICE, Manda Moor, Ben Rau, Cortes, and SXM Festival veteran Cali Lanauze provide a breathtaking and exuberant atmosphere, but newly discovered talents and local artists also get a chance to gain more attention worldwide with their acts on the so-called Discovery Stage.

Hot DJ Events and Trap, House, Techno and other music

In addition to the music, another important part of the festival is the supporting program. For example, the many art markets, exhibitions or fashion shows and, of course, culinary offerings and interesting workshops. After dancing the night away, it’s time to relax. That’s why people go to the beaches afterwards, to very popular yoga classes and other opportunities for meditation.

Dancing in unique locations

On the main stage at Happy Beach, you can dance in the open air with a view of the turquoise sea. The Jungle Stage is located in the middle of the lush rainforest of St. Martin and is surrounded by exotic plants and animals. Things are a little more relaxed at the Ocean Stage, where there is a wonderful beach atmosphere with lounges, bars and breathtaking sunsets accompanied by chilled beats. The boat parties are particularly popular, where you can dance and experience the Caribbean coastline from the sea or simply dive into the cool water.

Giant stages in SXM

A special atmosphere

The SXM Festival is known for its exuberant yet peaceful atmosphere. In a place where people from all over the world come together to celebrate their love of music. As a result, the SXM Festival is an unforgettable experience for all lovers of electronic music in a dreamlike Caribbean setting.

…and what was there this year?

This year’s SXM Festival 2024 was themed “The Return” and ran from March 8 to 12, 2024. Special highlights were the headliners: Nomis, Owlish, und Manda Moor, who created a great atmosphere and a real dance marathon. A new stage in the “Jungle” and “The Beach Party with Afrojack” also contributed to the exuberant atmosphere.

Discover all events on the island

Not forgetting the “Silent Disco” by the pool. Here, everyone danced to personally selected music streamed on headphones, providing a wide variety of dance styles on one and the same dance floor. A real experience for everyone involved, and not just visually. In short, this year’s festival attracted a total of around 20,000 visitors. All of them danced their way through an unforgettable experience in an exuberant, peaceful and cheerful atmosphere.

What awaits you at the SXM Festival 2025*

It will take place from March 12 to 16, 2025 and will be held under the motto: “The Next Chapter”.

The secret sale is already underway. Tickets for the regular sale will go online in June 2024. Further information about the SXM Festival can be found here:

* This content is based on the information currently available. Subject to change without notice.

Logo SXM Festival

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