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Restaurant of the Week – Le Cottage

Apr 28, 2024 | 0 comments

The perfect combination of wine and gastronomy.

Welcome back to our “Restaurant of the Week” blog series, the highlight of this week is the very elegant restaurant Le Cottage in Grand Case, Saint Martin. Discover traditional & delicious dishes that are not only fantastically prepared, but also served in a very pleasant ambience.

Inside view of Le Cottage Restaurant

As you already know, during the season we introduce you to highly recommended restaurants on St. Martin / St. Maarten. So you get all the insider information about the menu, the service and the owners.

About the team

Owner and sommelier Stéphane and Tania are the soul of Le Cottage. With their attention to detail and keen sense of hospitality, they make every guest feel welcome and comfortable. Stéphane, an experienced sommelier, is happy to advise guests on the perfect wine to complement the culinary experience.

The owners in their Restaurant

Chef David Hanquer is the creative mind behind the delicious dishes at Le Cottage. With his passion for fresh, local ingredients and his innovative culinary skills, he creates menus that delight both locals and tourists alike. David’s dishes are a perfect combination of French and Caribbean flavors that enchant guests’ palates.

The perfect team at Le Cottage

Together, Stéphane, Tania, David and the entire team form a unit that is passionately dedicated to the culinary arts and its guests.

About the kitchen 

The menu changes with the seasons in order to always use fresh and seasonal ingredients. In addition to the à la carte menu, the restaurant also offers a tasting menu. Simply perfect to discover the various creations of chef David.

More from inside

The wine list includes a wide selection of French and international wines that pair perfectly with the dishes. Sommelier Stéphane will be happy to advise you on the perfect wine to complete your culinary experience.

The winery

Le Cottage is simply a place where you can experience true culinary delights. Delicious dishes, excellent service and the inviting ambience make Le Cottage a must for every gourmet.

It is all about the taste and presentation  

At Le Cottage, the food is not only a delight for the palate, but also for the eyes. The dishes are prepared with great attention to detail and artistic skill, so that they sit enthroned on the plates. Just like little works of art.

The presentation of the food is particularly attractive. The colors stimulate the appetite and the shapes and textures provide variety. The arrangement of the ingredients on the plate draws the palate to the individual components of the dish.

Your eyes eating with you

In addition to the visual aesthetics, attention is also paid to the functionality of the presentation. The dishes are arranged in such a way that they are easy to eat and the individual ingredients do not fall apart.

The exquisite presentation of the dishes is a trademark of Le Cottage and contributes significantly to your unforgettable culinary experience.


If you are in Saint Martin and looking for an unforgettable culinary experience, Le Cottage is the perfect address. Let yourself be enchanted by the passion and commitment of the team! Enjoy the delicious dishes in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Welcome at Le Cottage in Saint Martin

Le Cottage is located in Grand Case, 97 bd de Grand Case, Saint Martin. It’s open from 6pm -10pm, Monday through Saturday and closed on Sunday. For more information or reservations, visit the website at

Please call for reservations at +590 690 56-3269

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