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Rainforest Adventures Sint Maarten

Feb 13, 2023 | 0 comments

Looking for a dose of adrenaline in Sint Maarten?

Looking for a dose of adrenaline and awesome views? Look no further. Rainforest Adventures specializes in creating unique and memorable adventures all while protecting the environment and appreciating the local culture. They are trying to have a positive impact on communities and create, for example, eco-friendly parks. Rainforest Adventures owns and preserves 2,700 acres of rainforest, home to more than 1,000 species of birds and 2,000 kinds of tropical plants. 

In addition, they offer awesome world-class attractions in different countries and different Caribbean islands such as Costa Rica, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Panama, and, of course, Sint Maarten. Their activities and tours are family-friendly and for everyone to enjoy. Dive into nature and get your dose of adrenaline by spending a day at Rainforest Adventures Sint Maarten! 

Rainforest Adventures Sint Maarten – The Steepest Zipline in the World 

The attraction in St. Maarten is record-worthy! That is to say, Rainforest Adventures Sint Maarten created the world’s highest and steepest zipline. With up to 90 km/h you fly down the 800m long line into the valley of Rockland Estate – This is “The Flying Dutchman”. 

Emilio Wilson Museum

We began our day at Rainforest Adventures Sint Maarten at 11 AM – that is when the park opens. We got checked in and started off slowly by visiting the Emilio Wilson Museum. In the museum, you can learn more about the history of Sint Maarten. It tells the powerful story of Trace Wilson who was born into slavery and her direct descendant Emilio Wilson who became the first black plantation owner after the abolition of slavery. Emilio Wilson’s plantation is now home to Rainforest Adventures. After signing off the land to a non-profit organization to establish a natural cultural recreational park, safeguarding a green area for all to enjoy, Emilio died in 2002. In 2017, Sint Maarten’s government decided to build the world’s steepest zipline in this area and named the museum as well as the restaurant after Emilio to honor him. 

Soualiga Sky Explorer

After visiting the museum, we embarked the Soualiga Sky Explorer which transfers you to different stations on the highest mountain in Sint Maarten called Sentry Hill. If you get off at the first stop, you can take the Schooner Ride back to the valley. You will surf down the mountain in an inner tube curve after curve. It is also a fun experience; however, we went further up the hill to station two. There awaits The Sentry Hill Zipline.

The Sentry Hill Ziplines

After getting your safety equipment (a harness as well as a helmet) and putting your belongings in a provided locker, a guide lead us to the beginning of the zip line. In total there is a combination of four different Sentry Hill Ziplines which offer great views over Sint Maarten. Our favorite view was the one over the airport at Sentry Hill Zipline 3 – simply stunning. After that the last Sentry Zipline 4 brought us back to station 2 where we got our personal items back. Moreover, bathrooms are also available at that station. After these 4 ziplines, we were ready for the main attraction – The Flying Dutchman.

We reembarked the Soualiga Sky Explorer again and went even further up the mountain to station 3. Here, you are rewarded with amazing views over St. Maarten as well as the neighboring islands Saint Barthélemy, Saba, St. Eustatia, and St. Kitts. You can also see Princess Juliana International Airport and Maho Beach from up here. One can get a drink at the bar and enjoy the stunning surroundings while mentally preparing for the ride down.  

Rainforest Adventures Sint Maarten

The Flying Dutchman

Finally, we got strapped in the harness of The Flying Dutchman. The staff was very kind, and reassuring, and managed to make us always feel safe. We sat inside a harness, the door opened in front of us, opened a steep view of the valley, while staff counted 3, 2, 1… and off we went. Flying down the world’s steepest and highest zipline. It is an absolute adrenaline rush paired with a great view. The ride takes about 45 seconds, is 800m long, and you can be up to 90 km/h fast. It is a fast-paced thriller that you should not miss out on! 

After arriving safely in the valley of Rockland Estate, you can check out the pictures that the various cameras took of you or buy souvenirs in the shop. Overall, we spent around 3 hours at Rainforest Adventures Sint Maarten and had a blast. It is doable for cruise ship guests or any adrenaline junkies. Above all we highly recommend it! 

Pricing  at Rainforest Adventures Sint Maarten

Rainforest Adventures St. Maarten offers different packages. All the rides (Sentry Hill Zipline, Flying Dutchman, Soualiga Sky Explorer, Schooner Ride) are available for a price of $139. If you only want to do The Flying Dutchman, it costs $99. Going up and down the mountain with the Soualiga Sky Explorer is $52. Check out their website for more information. Enjoy your 10% Exclusive Caribbean discount by simply presenting your Magic of the Caribbean Card at the entrance or making an E-Mail Reservation to Rainforest Adventures mentioning your Card. More info on our MOTCC APP


For those who are looking for a dose of adrenaline and for stunning views Rainforest Adventures is the place to go. Come with the whole family and choose between a relaxing ride up and down the mountain with the Soualiga Sky Explorer or an exciting experience flying down the world’s steepest zipline. You will have a blast! 

Rainforest Adventures St. Maarten is located at Rainforest Adventures St Maarten – Rockland Estate, LB Scott Rd #59, Cul de Sac, Sint Maarten. The park is open every day from 11 AM to 4 PM. To make a reservation, write a message via their contact formular on their website or call +721 543-1135. 

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