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‘Les Mardis de Grand Case’ – Tuesday Nights in Paradise

Jan 21, 2023 | 4 comments

Welcome to an extraordinary Tuesdayevening, ‘Les Mardis de Grand Case’ in Paradise! ‘Mardis Gras’ is French for “Fat Tuesday.” The name hints at the colorful life and the delicious food that takes place before Ash Wednesday. The beginning fasting period. The ‘Mardis de Grand Case’ takes place for the 20th time every Tuesday evening from the 31st of January onward. It transforms the former fishing village Grand Case in Saint Martin to a festival of colors, music, and Caribbean joie de vivre. The ‘Mardis de Grand Case’ was established to promote local merchants but today it evolved into the artistic and culinary meeting point of Saint Martin.

Every year tourists as well as locals await the return of ‘Les Mardis de Grand Case.’ Every Tuesday evening between 6 and 10 pm, the Boulevard de Grand Case turns into a pedestrian and party zone. Immerse into a world of Carnival parades, art exhibitions, and culinary highlights for the upcoming 10 weeks! 

mardi de grand case

What is ‘Les Mardis de Grand Case’? 

Parades and Music 

Carnival parades are a key element of Tuesday evenings in Grand Case. Dancers in colorful costumes twirl around the spectators in a mix of sequins and feathers. Always to the rhythms of steel drums and typical Caribbean sounds. Every year the event has another theme. The dancing groups rehearse different performances. Along the Boulevard in Grand Case, visitors are lost in the magic of the shows and get to know traditional dances and Caribbean melodies. For example, ‘Soca.’ Additionally, extraordinary young voices transport the listeners with their songs into another world. As a special treat for the 20th anniversary of ‘Les Mardis de Grand Case’: There will be a different parade every Tuesday! 

mardi de grand case

Handicraft Market 

Another principal element of the ‘Mardis de Grand Case’: The art and handcraft booths along the Boulevard de Grand Case. Just like in the last years, local artists can show their art to the public. Passersby can explore over 100 different booths full of unique handmade creations. For example, there is jewelry made of natural materials which can be found on the island. Also extraordinary garments, and handcrafted accessories. Painters are displaying their most beautiful and most colorful paintings. Moreover, one can find incredible decorative articles as well as natural cosmetic. This year, the event will place emphasis on environmental awareness and sustainability. For this reason, exhibitors will be highlighting products that are renewable and sustainable. 

mardi de grand case

Culinary Highlights 

‘Les Mardis de Grand Case’ would not be complete without its culinary offerings. Grand Case itself is already known as the ‘Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean’. Because there are so many wonderful restaurants along the Boulevard. However, during the ‘Mardis de Grand Case’ there is even more to take in. Many incredible smelling booths call to explore the taste of the Caribbean Island. Lolo’s, open barbecue restaurants which are led by locals, invite you to make a quick stop along the Boulevard.

Another option is stepping into one of the many gourmet restaurants. Overlooking the events on the street, you will be able to taste the full palate of the French cuisine. After eating, you can try a self-made Rhum at one of the booths on the street. The Rhum is infused with different Caribbean flavors and everyone find their perfect match. Prepare for an explosion of your taste buds! 

Conclusion – Make the most of your Tuesday in Paradise 

Grand Case is always worth a visit but especially during ‘Les Mardis the Grand Case.’ Enjoy the colorful surroundings, immerse yourself into a world full of Caribbean flair, and let the magic of ‘Les Mardis de Grand Case’ take you in. From the 31st of January until April, the Boulevard de Grand Case turns into a spectacle that you will not forget. Enter the Caribbean Paradise! 


  1. P J

    Does this event continue thru April?

    • Angie

      They have extended it to every Tuesday until May 2nd.


      Will the Les Madris the Grand Case be happeing beginning Ja31, 2024?

      • Angie

        Yes. It will start on January 23rd.



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