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Essential Information – For Our Valued Magic Of the Caribbean Partners

Nov 21, 2023 | 0 comments

Dear Magic of the Caribbean Partners,

A warm welcome to you all! As we gear up for a remarkable 2024, we’ve gathered some essential information for our valued Magic of the Caribbean partners. Please take a moment to review these details and take necessary action where needed.

Your Partnership in General

We’re thrilled to continue our journey together! To ensure your uninterrupted participation and reap the benefits of being listed on our website, kindly ensure that your contact information and opening hours are up to date and your membership fees are settled. If you’ve yet to complete this step, we encourage you to do so promptly..

Should you choose not to continue with us, please drop us a message, and we’ll promptly remove you from our partner list.

With our upcoming extensive advertising campaign in 2024, we anticipate increased traffic for all Magic of the Caribbean partners. Therefore, effective communication with customers is crucial.

The MOTC Card – Physical or Digital

To ensure a seamless experience for customers presenting the MOTC Card, it’s essential to train your team on its usage and handling. We want to avoid any hiccups in providing the agreed services to our esteemed cardholders.

If you or your team need a refresher on how both the physical and digital MOTC Cards function, feel free to refer to our guide. You can also reach out to us for assistance.

Your Own MOTC Card

As a partner, you’re entitled to your personal MOTC Card. If you haven’t received one yet, either physical or digital, please make arrangements to acquire it promptly. Connect with us to get your own MOTC Card and install our app on your phone.

Magic Map Terminals – A Special Offering

But there is more essential information…! We’re excited to inform you that your business will be listed on our Magic Map Terminals. This fantastic feature allows your business visibility at various locations. If you wish to enhance your visibility further with a clickable advertisement that stands out, please contact us for pricing and additional information.

Moreover, if you sign up for a Magic Map terminal, your Magic of the Caribbean annual fee will be included. It’s an excellent opportunity to elevate your business presence!

So above all, let’s embark on this journey together, looking forward to a fantastic year ahead!

Your Team from Magic of the Caribbean


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