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Check & Clean Conciergerie

Dec 10, 2023 | 0 comments

Everything You Need to Know

Check & Clean services

You have a house that you would love to put up for rent, but you do not have the time nor the energy to handle the process? Your personal or corporate life is time consuming and overwhelming, and you need help handling smaller tasks? Check and Clean Conciergerie is here for you.

Try the Check & Clean Service for your apartment in Sint Martin / St. Martin

They are a professional team which will make your life so much easier. Whether you are looking for someone to assist with your day-to-day life, such as being your virtual assistant or your corporation’s shopper or taking care of your property and your guests, Check and Clean Conciergerie is your specialist.   

Marketing Your Property!

Check & Clean Concierge is responsible for managing the seasonal rental process of your property to tourists from all over the world through various platforms such as AirBNB, VRBO,, Trip Advisor, etc. 

They take care of your apartments and houses

Check & Clean creates, distributes, and manages all its advertisement and has an internal management tool that collect all requests and synchronizes all reservation calendars. Furthermore, they value your property and sells stays at the market price by taking the seasonal variations, occupation rates, and the fluctuating habits of the customers into account. Their objective is to optimize the profitability of your property by following the principles of the marketing management. 

Vacation rentals 

Moreover, Check and Clean Conciergerie also gives you the opportunity to enlist your property on their website. Future guests can book vacation or seasonal rentals directly on their homepage. Their listings include studios, apartments, and even villas in Saint Martin as well as Sint Maarten. 


Property Management 

Check and Clean Conciergerie offers several services all around property management. You do not even need to be in the same country as the house you are putting up for rent because the professional concierge team will take perfect care of your property as well as your guests.

Their services include, for example, key exchange and a personal walk-through with your guests. For their luxury properties they even offer welcoming gifts which will make your visitors feel instantly appreciated. Additionally, Check and Clean Conciergerie will be on high alert for any guest emergencies 24/7.

As a result, you do not have to worry about calls or emails from renters during the night. After your guests have left, the team of Check and Clean Conciergerie will take care of the trash and recycling responsibilities as well as the cleaning services and inventory/damage inspections. Furthermore, your property will always be restocked and ready for your next tenant. 

Personal / Corporate Assistance 

Check and Clean Conciergerie not only takes care of your property but can also make your personal life so much easier. You are overwhelmed and feel stressed out? Do not worry because the team of Check and Clean Conciergerie will be right by your side to help you with anything you might need. They will be happy to assist with your day-to-day life by being your virtual assistant, your personal or corporation’s shopper, running your errands or making your travel arrangements. Anything that would take too much time out of your day, Check and Clean Conciergerie will handle professionally and efficiently.  

Check and Clean Conciergerie offers four different VIP packages for remote owners. They guarantee 24/7 intervention by their employees in the event of malfunction of breakage of equipment in your property. Their interventions are carried out within a maximum of 2 hours after the occurrence of the damage to stop further damage and study the repairs that must be made. Your holiday customers are taken care of immediately. To join the VIP program, the inscription fee of 29 € is obligatory. Afterwards, there will be a monthly charge of 9,99 € for a studio, 14,99 € for a 1–2-bedroom apartment, 23,99 € for a 2–3-bedroom apartment, or 39,99 € for a villa.


IIf you are looking for a helping hand with managing your property or assisting you in your daily life, look no further. Check and Clean Conciergerie is here to make your life easier! 

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