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43rd Heineken Regatta

Feb 17, 2023 | 1 comment

Everything you need to know about Heineken Regatta

Heineken Regatta Sint Maarten is back! Celebrating its 43rd edition, this year’s regatta promises stunning fast-paced races and a wonderful entertainment program. Take it in while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere of St. Maarten. This blog post informs you about everything you need to know including the schedule and tips to make the most out of these days!

Sint Maarten Heineken Regatta

What is Heineken Regatta?

Heineken Regatta is the largest regatta in the Caribbean and is back for the 43rd time! The regatta will take place from the 2nd to the 5th of March, 2023 in St. Maarten. This world-renowned sailing event promises four days of World Class Racing and incredible after-show parties that you should not miss! The motto is “Serious Race and Serious Fun” which highlights the importance of the races and the entertainment program. No matter if you are a sailing professional, a business person, or simply a partygoer looking for a fun time, you will find what you are looking for. Come to St. Maarten, and enjoy the Caribbean vibe, the local food, the incredible fast-paced sailing, as well as the thrilling nightlife and entertainment program.

From March 2-5, 2023, St. Maarten is the place to be!

Heineken Regatta Sint Maarten Schedule


This year’s schedule of the Heineken Regatta is diverse and promises five fun days in St. Maarten. On Wednesday, March 1, go to the Race Village to register for your race. It is open from 8:30 AM to 6 PM. If you are not a competing sailor, you can skip that part and go to the Heineken Regatta Opening Party 2023 right away. Again this year, there are “Green Zones” where the serious fun parties will take place. On Wednesday, it will be in Lotus Night Club from 10 PM onwards and features acts like Baby Cham, DJ Prince, and DJ Outkast.

Day 1

Wednesday, March 1st is Registration Day at the Regatta Village. Green Zone: 10 PM at Lotus Night Club for the Warm-Up Party.

Day 2

On Thursday, March 2, the first Heineken Regatta race day will take place. It starts at 9:55 AM in Simpson Bay and the sailors will return at 3 PM to the Regatta Village. Make sure to save yourself a spot at the Simpson Bay Bridge to see the sailors returning. Usually, they put on a show for the spectators. The crowd decides by applause which sailing team has the funniest show, the best outfits, or the best dances prepared. At 6 PM, the Race Prize will be given out in the Regatta Village which turns into an After-Show party. From 7-10 PM DJ Si’woo, a Fashion Show, and Sugar Apple will entertain the attending people. The “Green Zone” on March 2nd is in the Soggy Dollar Bar. Freddy Moreira and Wessel S will party with the partygoers from 10 PM onwards.

Day 3

The second race day on Friday, March 3, is similar to the first one. Sailors will leave Simpson Bay at 9:55 AM and return at 3 PM. At 6 PM the winning team will receive their prize in the Port de Plaisance Regatta Village and the After-Show party features acts like DJ Prince Kenyo Baly, DJ Em, and What The Funk. This night’s “Green Zone” is the Moonbar. From 10 PM onwards, Washly Fire, Phil Conti, and Classy D will entertain the crowd.

Day 4

On Saturday, you have the chance to attend an Exclusive Day Party at Rainforest Adventures. At 1 PM you can watch the race and from 3 to 9 PM Elevat8 will party with you! For everyone who does not want to participate in this event, the day will be similar to the last two. At 9:55 AM, sailors leave Simpson Bay and come back at 3 PM; 6 PM is Race-Prize-giving-time and at 7 PM Malaika Maxwell, DJ Dope Girl, Cherriana and Control Band will entertain you in the Regatta Village. “Green Zone” is at Bikini Beach Bar in Orient Bay on the French Side with featured acts such as Tayc, Jahyanai, and Tamillia.

Day 5

And just like that it is already Sunday, March 5th, last day of the Heineken Regatta. At 9:55 AM, the sailors leave Simpson Bay one last time and head back at 3 PM. The final prices will be given out at 6 PM in the Regatta Village. Now, the biggest After-Show Party will take place. You will not switch locations on Sunday because all the acts perform in the Regatta Village. You will hear music from Dadoni, DJ Outkast, Verre Musiq (AXA), Chanti, and DJ Danejah Dane. But most importantly, this year’s headliner is Grammy-winning artist Koffee. She is an international Reggae-Star and it’s a great honor that she will be performing in St. Maarten on March 5th, 2023.

After Parties at the Green Zones

All “Green Zones,” the Exclusive Party at Rainforest Adventures, and Sunday’s show are ticketed events. Check out Heineken Regatta’s website for more information. You can buy a whole 5-day package or a single event ticket.

Heineken Regatta Sint Maarten Schedule

Tips to make the most of these 5 days as a spectator

  1. Book a ticket on a spectator boat and go out on the water while the races are taking place. You can also charter a bareboat or a private boat to watch the races up close with your family and friends. Go to Heineken Regatta’s website to see the Charter Listings. Save 10% with your Magic of the Caribbean Card by booking a charter with our partners Boomerang, or No1SXM. Or if you are a keen sailor get a spot to participate in the regatta and be a part of team Arawak
  2. Make sure to be back for the Bridge Show at Simpson Bay Bridge in time for the return of the sailing boats. The teams will put on a show for the spectators. The crowd decides by applauding and cheering which team had the best costumes, dances, and attitude. Reserve a spot in Sint Maarten’s Yacht Club or stand next to the bridge with the rest of the crowd. Be there at 3 pm.
  3. Attend the diverse Heineken Regatta “serious-fun” entertainment program. Regatta Village and the “Green Zones” provide a high-class program this year featuring international and local artists. The highlight is headliner Koffee, a Grammy-awarded young Jamaican artist who performs incredible Reggae music. Get your tickets early on to make sure, you can attend whichever party you want. Furthermore, the early-bird tickets are cheaper!
  4. Tune in to Island 92 Radio and listen to the official regatta radio with Doc Soc. He will keep you posted about all the races.
  5. Sign up as a volunteer and be active with an amazing team of other volunteers. Meet the sailors up close.
  6. Become a sponsor
Sint Maarten Heineken Regatta


Overall, this year’s Heineken Regatta promises world-class races as well as a vibrant entertainment program. These 5 days will be a blast and you should attend, whether you are an active sailor or here for the “serious fun”!

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