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Miranda Veltman Coaching in St. Maarten

Dec 4, 2022 | 0 comments

Miranda Veltman is a certified coach, mental health care psychologist, and stress and trauma recovery expert. She works with employers & employees in different work fields. Also, individuals and vacationers in St. Maarten are welcome with questions.


As a Mental Health Care psychologist Miranda specializes in helping people overcome stress, burn-out, anxiety, and depression using evidence-based therapy techniques that process the past and develop healthy coping styles to build up your immune system and resilience. Clients and customers, who are dealing with a lot of pressure, work issues, relationship problems, trauma-related issues, self-esteem issues or psychosomatic complaints can be helped.

Above all Miranda Veltman Coaching can tackle the problem and coach you to learn how to cope with stress, manage anxiety, and deal with depressed feelings. The intention is to make that lifetime change. She is available for private sessions at her office in Point Blanche, Sint Maarten, and by appointment in the Caribbean and in Holland.  

Miranda Veltman Coaching has been featured in local media outlets including The Daily Herald. Miranda regularly speaks at trauma-focused conferences on topics ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder to resilience training.

Good to know

As a Coach, Miranda offers Coaching Services to everyone, who wants to deal with stress in a healthy way. She can be booked individually and directly and visits you at your (vacation) home. She offers different packages: Eliminate stress and live to the max with her De-Stress & Relaxation Package: 5 counseling sessions to De-Stress, 1 professional massage at your home, and 1 stress relief box. You also have the De-stress Energetic Package which includes 5 coaching sessions, 8 personal training sessions at your home, and 1 stress relief box. This also makes a great Christmas present & New Year gift for your loved ones. Other services that you can book at Miranda Veltman Coaching are:

  •  Stress Coaching Package and Expat Package, which are both a total of 10 sessions
  • 24-hour with Miranda Package: 4 sessions with fast results
  • 1-on 1 Executive program: 12 sessions for CEO’s, entrepreneurs and managers.
  • VIP package: number of sessions on request, the session can take place at your (vacation) home.

Another key point, all packages are 24-hrs available, tailor-made, online or at her office and deducted from the tax (if you have a company). All packages are 100% confidential.

Are you ready for some mental growth and self-care? Then contact Miranda Veltman Coaching today at and sign up for one of the Healing Workshops held at Joga in Cole Bay, St. Maarten for only $40 per person.


The Miranda Veltman Coaching Healing Workshop is based on the Intention Method developed by Professor Franz Ruppert over the past thirty years. The workshop is open to anyone who wishes to discover a new way of being in a healthy relationship with themself. You will connect your healthy core to your desire for development. Because it helps us to be successful, enjoys life, and be healthy.

Experience required ?

No prior experience is necessary. Just a willingness to be curious and a want to explore yourself through this experiential method of taking charge and making another step towards yourself in a group setting. It is a place for your self-healing and where you are in charge of your healing process. Do you have a desire? Your body has the answer, book a session and find out! Consequently all participants must sign an agreement form to guarantee confidentiality in the group.

But you can also book a private healing workshop for yourself or with your own group! Miranda Veltman Coaching will then come to your (vacation)home or yacht island wide in St. Maarten, St. Martin, Saba, St. Barths and Anguilla.

Who is Miranda Veltman?

As I have said, Miranda was born in Holland. She studied Orthopedagogy at the University of Groningen and finished her study in 2016.  In 2009 she finished her study to become a Mental Health Care Psychologist. Miranda worked also in the youth care, health care and education sector.

In 2012 Miranda moved to Sint Maarten and worked as a behavior therapist for SKOS. In 2015 she started her own Psychology Practice, Consultancy & Training Agency. She tested and treated children, adults, families, and couples. As a consultant, she worked for SKOS and different departments of Justice.  From 2016 to 2018 Miranda was a consultant at MLC Youth Rehabilitation Center first as Behavior Therapist and later as Acting Head. After that Miranda has been giving training in St. Maarten and abroad.

In 2018 Miranda changed her Practice to Resilience Psychology N.V. Miranda also continued her studies by doing advanced courses in EMDR, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, IoPT, Schema Therapy, and Mindfulness.

From 2016 Miranda was an active board member of the Association of Psychologists and Allied Professionals Sint Maarten (APAP SXM). Miranda started the Mindful Caribbean Agency named MINDFLOW with two colleague psychologists in 2018. Mindflow offers services for individuals and companies: Mindful4Life & Mindful2Work. All things considered, the services are mindfulness courses, team-building activities & Mindful vacations. A post by MOTC


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